Bernews: BNT Invites Community to Spittal Pond

Bernews: BNT Invites Community to Spittal Pond

The Bermuda National Trust [BNT] is “inviting the community to come out for a walk at Spittal Pond on Saturday, 27 January to see the new sign at Portuguese Rock and learn about the recently completed project to prevent pollution of the pond from the nearby dairy, “adding that “if you are willing to get your hands dirty, you can even sign up to plant a tree or two.”

“Spittal Pond has been polluted by run-off from the adjacent dairy farm for many years, especially since hurricanes damaged the fence that prevented the cows from accessing the pond,” said Myles Darrell, Head of Natural Heritage for BNT.

“Last year we secured a Darwin Plus Local grant from the UK Department of the Environment, to reinstate the fence to stop the cows getting to the pond and to create an embankment or ‘berm’ to prevent run-off of pollutants into the pond.

“The goal is to improve the health of the pond and at the same time increase the presence of native and endemic plants at the reserve. We are looking for volunteers to help plant the new berm and they will have the chance to learn more about the site’s natural history in the process.”

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January 20, 2024 News