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The Bermuda National Trust education programme offers field trips to our historic sites and nature reserves to students from Pre-School to Senior School level. They are organised at Waterville, Verdmont, the Globe Hotel and Tucker House where life in the past comes alive and students gain greater historical empathy and interest in Bermuda’s people, diversity and culture. The field trips are culturally enriching and students encounter and explore original items in an authentic setting.

Our nature reserves such as Spittal Pond, Paget Marsh, Somerset Long Bay and Vesey Nature Reserve provide the perfect setting for engaging and tangible science field trips. Here students have the opportunity to explore and learn in informal unique settings with the aim of gaining knowledge and the appreciation of nature. All field trips include an element of environmental advocacy and explain the value of open space and the need for its protection.

‘Three-Part Learning’ experiences: In addition to the stand-alone field trip we offer an introductory lesson, usually with Powerpoint presentation, and a follow-up activity for students in the classroom.


Verdmont Historic House and Garden, Smith’s

Learn about Verdmont’s occupants and discover life in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries through artefacts, period furniture and clothing, toys and games children played. 

Learn about technology change, old versus new neighbourhoods, slavery, emancipation, the brig Enterprise, Bermudian architecture, simple maps, early governance, ship- building, whaling, pirates and privateers and piloting. Have students engaged in partner skits to learn about famous Bermudians.

Historic Tucker House, St. George’s

Learn about archaeology, the Sea Venture and the early settlers, 18th century period furniture and kitchen tools, the Tucker family, Joseph Rainey, yellow fever, different types of maps and the ‘Gun Powder Plot’.

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, Smith’s

Learn about early visitors to Bermuda, Venturilla, Portuguese Rock and the run-away slave Jeffrey. Walk the trails and learn about Bermuda’s geologic origin, land forms, land use and development.

The Bermuda National Trust at the Globe Hotel, St. George’s

Explore the ‘Rogues & Runners’ exhibit showing Bermuda’s involvement in the American Civil War and how the sleepy town of St. George’s was changed during this period. Learn about yellow fever and Boer War prisoners in Bermuda.

Waterville, Historic House & Gardens, Paget

Visit this beautiful home and site of the first Trimingham store. See 18th century period furniture and enjoy a garden scavenger hunt. Learn about old toys and games and Bermuda during Victorian times. Learn about major Bermuda personalities living between 1920 and today and their deeds then and now.

St. George’s Activities

Select from a choice of ‘Old Town’ experiences such as a walking tour of select buildings, a scavenger hunt in the town, Bermudian architecture, yellow fever outbreaks and the African Diaspora sites of St. George’s. Learn about the Sea Venture and early settlers, early governance and important people of the time.


Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, Smith’s

Walk the trails through a variety of habitats, viewing bird life, plants and animals. Learn about natural and man-made environments, the concept of change, the importance of care for the environment, living things in their environment, food chains, bird and whale migration and biodiversity. Learn about the weather, rocks and minerals at the Checkerboard formation.

Paget Marsh Nature Reserve, Paget

Experience early Bermuda before development began while walking along the boardwalk through various habitats, viewing plants and animals, learning about living things in their environment, animal life cycles, local environments and their animals and plants and conservation efforts. Walk the trails through a variety of habitats, viewing bird life, plants and animals. Learn about food chains, how to categorize living things, seed dispersal, plant reproduction and native and invasive plants.

Somerset Long Bay Nature Reserve, Somerset

View bird life, plants and animals and learn about fresh water habitats and conservation efforts at this ‘Buy Back Bermuda’ site. Learn about natural and man-made environments, the concept of change, the importance of care for the environment and living things in their environment.

Vesey Nature Reserve, Southampton

Learn about inland and coastal limestone quarrying of long ago and walk the pathways from mangroves, over coastal hilltops to the shore of the Great Sound. Learn about rocks and minerals at the quarry and the habitats supported by limestone such as sinkholes, upland and farmland.

Scheduling Field Trip Experiences …

To schedule our ‘Three-Part Learning’ in combination with a field trip to a nature reserve or historic property, or a stand-alone field trip (if time does not allow for our introduction and follow up presentations) email our education team at or call 236-6483

BNT 2018-2019 Education Programme 

Field Trip Booking Form 2018-1019.pdf 


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This set of 12 teacher resource guides serves as the most comprehensive resource manual to the Bermuda National Trust historic houses, cemeteries and nature reserves. It is designed to inspire teachers to enhance their students’ learning through informal engaged experiences outside the classroom. Each guide is filled with fascinating background information and lists activities which are linked to the curriculum laid out by the Bermuda Ministry of Education’s Social Studies and Cambridge International Science Curriculum. The guides were launched on April 24th 2015 (see article in Royal Gazette).