Volunteer Opportunities

The Bermuda National Trust relies heavily on volunteers – in fact, we could not operate without them! If you are interested in any of the following activities, or would like to talk to us about volunteering, please contact us at the link below, or fill out our on-line application.

Email palmetto@bnt.bm to volunteer. The below events are always in need of volunteers:

Auction & Jumble Sale (February)

Plant & Bake Sale (February)

Children’s Nature Walk (February)

Palm Sunday Walk (April)

Raffle (September/October)

FarmFest (October)

Christmas Walkabout (December)

Fund Raising events - various dates



AIM is a programme designed for students to fulfil community service hours. Meaning Activate, Inspire   and   Motivate – the BNT provides students with projects in BNT open spaces, nature reserves, historic buildings and landmarks and cover areas like archaeology, acting, helping in museums, conservation work in nature reserves, camp counselors and lots of baking and helping at events listed above.

Email palmetto@bnt.bm to sign up