Ferry Reach Military Cemeteries, St. George’s Parish

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There are two British military cemeteries at Ferry Reach with graves from the yellow fever epidemic in the 1860s. The first is the small walled cemetery close to the house at the end of Ferry Point and the second can be found just off the Railway Trail overlooking the North Shore to the east of Whalebone Bay. This is a walled communal grave with a central cross memorial to those from the 2nd Battalion of the Queen’s Royal Rifles who died of yellow fever.

Location: Ferry Reach Park
Phone: (441) 236-6483
Bus Routes: 1, 3, 10, 11
Hours of Operation: Dawn to Dusk
Admission is free


Waterville Property

Located on the water’s edge at the end of Hamilton Harbour, known as Foot of the Lane, Waterville is the headquarters of the Bermuda National Trust. This elegant house was built c. 1725 by the Trimingham family, and was the site of the first Trimingham’s…

The Bermuda National Trust Museum at the Globe Hotel

Built by Governor Samuel Day, the Globe Hotel dates from c. 1700. It is one of the oldest stone buildings in Bermuda. The Bermuda National Trust Museum is housed here, featuring a video presentation, gift shop on the main floor and permanent exhibit upstairs.…
Old Rectory.jpg

The Old Rectory

This charming old Bermuda cottage was built by Captain George Dew in about 1699, and later became the home of Parson Richardson, nicknamed ‘The Little Bishop’, hence its name. The house shows several unique architectural features of the period including…

Samaritans' Lodge

Located at the east end of the town at the junction of York Street and Water Street, this building was built in 1844 as a storehouse and became home to the International Order of Good Samaritans in about 1907. This was one of the friendly societies that…
Tucker House.JPG

Historic Tucker House

Tucker House, located on Water Street in the heart of St. George’s, was built in the 1750s and celebrates its most famous inhabitants, the Tuckers. Henry Tucker, President of the Governor’s Council, moved into the house in 1775; his family remained there until…

Verdmont Historic House and Gardens

Architecturally, Verdmont is one of the most fascinating old houses in Bermuda. It is a fine example of the rare transitional style, retaining some of the aspects of 17th century dwellings, while anticipating the classicism of the Georgian mansions of the…
Gilbert nature reserve.jpg

Gilbert Nature Reserve and Springfield

The Trust acquired Gilbert Nature Reserve in 1973. Located on the main road in Somerset Village, the reserve is comprised of five acres of unspoiled woodland with paths that connect to the Railway Trail. Visitors will find some magnificent examples of mature…
Gladys Morrell NR.jpg

Gladys Morrell Nature Reserve

Located on the crest of the hill rising from Mangrove Bay village, this small nature reserve is a hidden gem. Here you will find the tranquility associated with Bermuda of old. Many varieties of endemic trees flourish here including olivewood bark and cedar.…
Paget Marsh.JPG

Paget Marsh and Boardwalk

This lush and leafy nature reserve, jointly administered by the Bermuda National Trust and Bermuda Audubon Society, is a unique green space of 25 acres of original Bermuda. The peat marsh has remained much the same since before the arrival of the first…
Spittal Pond.jpg

Spittal Pond

Spittal Pond is owned by the Bermuda National Trust and the Bermuda Government’s Department of Agriculture. One of Bermuda’s most spectacular open spaces, this 64-acre reserve is part of a necklace of wetlands along the South Shore, providing a diversity of…
Sherwin Warwick Pond.jpg

Sherwin Nature Reserve Including Warwick Pond

This 9-acre Nature Reserve is the second largest freshwater pond in Bermuda and is an important sanctuary for resident and migratory waterfowl. The eastern hillside forms an integral part of an extensive woodland belt that borders the entire length of the…
Royal Navy Cemetery.jpg

Royal Naval Cemetery, Ireland Island

Take a peaceful stroll through this interesting cemetery. Also known as ‘The Glade’, the cemetery contains memorials to many Royal Navy personnel who died of the yellow fever that ravaged the British military in Bermuda during the mid-19th century. It also…
Convict Cemetery.jpg

Convict Cemetery, Ireland Island

This small cemetery, discretely hidden behind a row of houses, served as the burial ground for convicts. These men, rather than being executed in England, were sent to colonies like Bermuda to serve as labourers on the British fortifications. Of the 9000…
Watford Cemetery.jpg

Watford Cemetery, Somerset

Watford military cemetery contains memorials to soldiers and their families from 1853-1899. Here the Queen's Regiment honoured their comrades, who died of yellow fever in the 1864 epidemic. This cemetery became the final resting place of four Grenadier…
Somerset Military Cemetery.JPG

Somerset Military Cemetery, Somerset

Located West of Watford Bridge, the cemetery contains 13 Commonwealth war graves from WW1. Among them are West Indians and Canadians and three Bermudians of the Bermuda Militia Artillery, who died of accidental injuries in 1915. The cemetery was consecrated…
Garrison Prospect Hill Military Cemetery.JPG

Garrison Cemetery, Prospect, Devonshire

Garrison Cemetery in Devonshire was the cemetery for the British Army in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries when Prospect Barracks housed the British garrison. In recent years it has become the police cemetery. This cemetery contains many fine examples of…

St. George’s Military Cemeteries, St. George’s Parish

St. George's Military Cemeteries at Grenadier Lane and Secretary Road, approximately 15 minutes walk apart, were the resting place of yellow fever victims of the 19th century, c.1850. One particularly interesting grave at Grenadier Lane is that of a surgeon.…
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Ferry Reach Military Cemeteries, St. George’s Parish

There are two British military cemeteries at Ferry Reach with graves from the yellow fever epidemic in the 1860s. The first is the small walled cemetery close to the house at the end of Ferry Point and the second can be found just off the Railway Trail…

Scaur Lodge Nature Reserve and Farmland

This nature reserve is comprised of 6.06 acres of woodland and farmland donated by the C.S. Mott family. It is located on the west side of Somerset Road near Fort Scaur. The trail off Scaur Lane, on the north side of the property, leads up to a seat that…

Palm and Morgan's Island

This small picturesque island on Ely's Harbour was donated in 1983 by the heirs of Mr. Fitch Ingersoll along with the adjoining Morgan's Island. The two islands help preserve the special scenic value of Ely's Harbour and are reserves for birds and other…
IW Hughes.jpg

Idwal Hughes Nature Reserve

This small tract of 1.25 acres of woodland forms part of the much larger wilderness area of Walsingham more generally known as "Tom Moore's Jungle". The lush forest combined with the extensive cave system makes this an adventuresome site for exploring. The…


Devondale is the largest of the old houses along South Road, Devonshire. This beautiful late 18th century Grade II listed house and 10 acres of woodland and farmland was transferred to the ownership of the Bermuda National Trust from the estate of Mrs Jean…
Lighthouse Hill nature reserve.JPG

Lighthouse Hill Nature Reserve

This 5.13 acre nature reserve was purchased by the Bermuda National Trust in 2009. The mature woodland is now permanently protected, for everyone, forever. Its acquisition was truly a rare opportunity not only due to the property’s location and outstanding…
Vesey Nature Reserve.jpg

Vesey Nature Reserve

Vesey Nature Reserve is a 7.98-acre nature reserve saved for the people of Bermuda in 2008 when Sharon Vesey generously gave the property to the Bermuda National Trust and the Bermuda Audubon Society jointly. Stretching from Middle Road to the waters of the…
Somerset Long bay Property from Ocean.jpg

Somerset Long Bay

Perfectly suited to serve as the first landfall for migrating birds from North America. The ponds support more resident breeding waterbirds than any other wetland in Bermuda. Historically the area was marshland but in the 1930s was designated a rubbish dump…