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The Trust’s historic buildings are some of the earliest stone structures on the island and are a record of Bermuda’s unique architectural heritage. The Trust’s museums house the most extensive collection of decorative arts once made or owned by Bermudians, including furniture, silver, maps and paintings.

Our cemeteries shelter the graves of military personnel, victims of epidemics, convicts and prisoners of war. Open spaces protected under the ownership of the Trust include farmland, remote islands, marshes and nature reserves.

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Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is the core activity of the Trust. Programmes, projects and initiatives ensure buildings, properties, cemeteries and collections of historic significance are properly cared for and preserved for generations to come. Through ownership and stewardship programmes the Trust has been able to renovate and maintain numerous buildings and properties. Generous grants have enabled us to restore many of the pieces of fine Bermuda cedar furniture and works of art in our museums. The Architectural Heritage book series and publication of The Traditional Building Guide are part of ongoing efforts to document and provide information to the public about Bermuda’s unique building styles. The Archaeology Committee conducts research, excavations and cataloguing, to ensure that important links to our past are not lost.

The Trust also supports the Government’s listed buildings process, a register of buildings of historic or architectural significance protected under the Development and Planning Act. Click here for an article written by Assistant Director of Planning, Erica R.Smith, 'Protecting Bermuda's Built Heritage'.

Before proceeding with any plans for alteration or additions, listed building owners should seek the advice of the Bermuda Government’s Department of Planning. For more information on the listing process call the Department of Planning at (441) 297-7756.

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Environment & Conservation

Conserving our environmental heritage and preserving the island’s quality of life for now and for future generations is central to the Trust’s Mission.

The Trust plays a leading role in environmental stewardship in Bermuda, owning more than 250 acres of open space. Many of these areas are made accessible to the public for recreation and education, including Warwick Pond, Paget Marsh, Spittal Pond, Gladys Morrell Nature Reserve and Gilbert Nature Reserve. For responsible development of property by individuals or businesses, the Trust is supportive of the Bermuda Plan 1992 Planning Statement.

Through collaborative efforts with the Government Departments of Conservation Services, Environmental Protection, Parks and Environmental Health, as well as the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, Bermuda Audubon Society and Keep Bermuda Beautiful, the Trust’s Environmental Conservation Office works on environmental projects, public programmes and issues of concern to the local community to determine the best course of action.

The Trust’s Environmental and Marine Environmental Committees meet frequently on environmental issues and determine appropriate actions for the Trust. These Committees work for the protection of the environment through advocacy, research, education, conservation and information sharing.

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