Our Cause

Protecting and Celebrating Bermuda’s Heritage

When we think about Bermuda, we think of our friendly people, some with roots extending back to the 17th century, some more recent to these shores; the beauty of our natural environment with its white beaches, lush greenery and colourful flowers;  the white roofs and distinctive architecture of our sturdy limestone buildings; the shared cultural pleasures of kite-flying, Cup Match, a codfish and banana breakfast and cassava pie at Christmas; the scent of cedar shavings and salt spray in the air, and so much more.

Our shared heritage binds us together as a community. It is the mission of the Bermuda National Trust to protect and promote Bermuda’s unique natural and cultural heritage, forever, by:

  • acquiring and conserving land, buildings and artefacts;
  • inspiring appreciation and stewardship through advocacy, research, education and participation.

Today, we care for 277 acres of land comprised of 82 properties that represent much of the best of Bermuda’s heritage, including historic houses, nature reserves, islands and coastline,  farmland, gardens and cemeteries. In addition, three museums display an outstanding collection of antique furniture, artwork and artefacts owned and made by Bermudians. By telling the stories behind our properties and collections, we enable the community to understand their relevance to our current lives and their significance to our future.

Through our education programmes, we both celebrate our heritage and seek to inspire the stewards of the future, by providing Bermuda’s children with an understanding of their island home and how they are connected to it and to  each other.

We do what we do for the love of Bermuda and all things Bermudian. We hope you will join us by becoming a member and giving generously to support our work.

Please click here for our Strategic Plan 2023-2026.