Trustworthy Gift Shop

BNT Calendar 2024 is now available

Protecting and promoting Bermuda’s heritage is what the Bermuda National Trust is all about. In this years calendar, we invited photographers young and old, amateur and professional, to send us their photos on the theme of Built Heritage. The very best were chosen out of 250 entries to include in the calendar.

Cost $14.00

Size 13 ¾” wide x 10 ¾” high

Available at

  • BNT Headquarters, Waterville
  • The Trustworthy shop at the Globe Museum
  • Bermuda Bookstore
  • The Bookmart
  • Robertson’s Drug Store
  • Aberfeldy Nurseries
  • Bermuda Green Thumb
  • Collectors Hill Apothecary
  • Somerset Pharmacy
  • Bermuda Craft Market
  • AF Smith
  • Flying Colours
  • Tuck Shop

Trustworthy Gift Shop at the Globe Museum

You’ll find lots of great gift ideas at Trustworthy – locally made items, Bermuda National Trust merchandise, Bermuda cedar, cards, books, ceramics, candleholders, ornaments, games and much more. Trustworthy is run by volunteers and the proceeds go directly towards preserving Bermuda’s natural and cultural heritage.

Location: The Globe Museum, 32 Duke of York Street, St. George’s, Tel: (441) 297-1423

Opening Hours: Please call 441-236-6483 for current hours