Teacher Development

The Bermuda National Trust offers four professional development workshops for teachers and educators. These workshops are designed to support and enhance curricula at all levels. Teachers will gain new perspectives, gain knowledge from our educators and fellow teachers and work on new teaching strategies to enrich the learning of their students. For more information and/or to apply for a workshop, please contact education@bnt.bm

Object Handling

This workshop is intended to support teachers in using historical artefacts to enrich their students’ connections to Bermuda’s history.

The objects used during the workshop are connected to the history of Bermuda. Teachers will examine them, ask questions about them and discuss their significance in Bermuda’s timeline and important historic events.

The Power of Photographs & Documents

Working with photographs and documents – using a simple system, teachers will learn how to use photographs and documents to encourage their students to explore people, places and events, and to compile evidence about Bermuda’s past.

Experiential Learning in Nature

Taking children outside the classroom and letting them experience nature or historic sites is known to spark their sense of intellectual inquiry. Field trips are inspiring for young explorers; they stimulate questions and create lasting memories. This workshop is based outdoors in our nature reserves and supports teachers using field trips to enhance the delivery of the science curriculum. Topics can be customised to the grade level.

Experimenting With Nature

This experiential workshop supports teachers in bringing nature into the classroom and provides ideas for small experiments and observations for students to conduct.