Buy Back Bermuda

Campaign Three

High Point Nature Reserve

Buy Back Bermuda, (BBB) a collaboration between the Bermuda Audubon Society and the Bermuda National Trust, has launched a new campaign to raise $250,000 to create a public nature reserve at the recently acquired 10 acres in Southampton.

An exceptional individual gift, and funds from BBB’s acquisition account, enabled BBB to acquire ten pristine rural acres of arable fields, woodland and spectacular coastline at High Point in Southampton in 2021. The property holds incredible value in terms of recreation, agriculture and biodiversity.

BBB intends to make this beautiful property available for the public to enjoy and needs $250,000 to do so.

This campaign is the third launched by BBB, which formed in 2004 to buy land threatened with development to conserve habitats for biodiversity, natural open space for human health and enjoyment, and to mitigate climate change.

Campaign One raised $2 million and saved 2.86 acres from a major condominium development. The successful campaign resulted in the beautiful Somerset Long Bay East Nature Reserve which opened in 2006. Campaign Two raised $2.5 million and resulted in two new nature reserves. The 8-acre Vesey Nature Reserve in Southampton opened to the public in 2013 and the 3.5-acre Eve’s Pond Nature Reserve on Shelly Bay stretch in Hamilton Parish opened in April 2022.

How to donate:

Complete the online form below for online giving OR call 236 6483 to donate with credit card by phone OR direct transfer to Butterfield Acc.# 20 006 060 842793 100 with name in memo field OR Send cheque payable to Buy Back Bermuda to PO Box 61, Hamilton HM AX.

Please complete the online giving form below and give generously today!