The Trust also has a considerable collection of portraits. Most valued are those painted in Bermuda, especially the Verdmont paintings which are closely connected to the house.

The Green portraits on display at Verdmont were acquired by Hereward Watlington and made available to the Monuments Trust when they bought Verdmont. John Green, the painter, lived at Verdmont with his wife Mary and her family from about 1775 until his death in 1802.

The Blackburn portraits at Tucker House provide more fine examples of Bermuda’s 18th century paintings. Joseph Blackburn was the first portrait painter to visit Bermuda from London, arriving in 1752 and staying for two years. He painted lace and other details of dress with great care and flair and was said to be very flattering to his subjects. While he was in Bermuda he painted at least 25 portraits, after which he went on to a similar social success in Boston. The Trust has examples of his work on display at both Tucker House and Verdmont.

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