2023 Art Competition ‘ Bermuda: People and Parishes’

2023 Art Competition ‘ Bermuda: People and Parishes’

Thank you to everyone who took part in this years Art Competition, sponsored by SOMPO International.

We are pleased to announce the winners of this years Student Art Competition. This year’s theme was ‘Bermuda: People & Parishes’

In the 9 – 12 year group:

  • First Place: Savana Walters ‘Bermudaful Colours’
  • Second Place: Siena Walers ‘Island Life’
  • Third Place: Julia Stoppa ‘Canvas from the Past, Threads for the Future’
  • Honourable Mention: Ruth Correia ‘Nine Places in Nine Parishes’
  • Honourable Mention: Samiya Senthamaraikannan ‘The Gombey Trio’
  • Honourable Mention: Izabela Dobre ‘Moongate’

In the 13 – 18 year group:

  • First Place: Fergus O’Connell ‘Bermuda Heroes’
  • Second Place: Seri Fisher ‘The Heart of Bermuda’
  • Third Place: Quinton Russell ‘Man Over St. George’s’
  • Honourable Mention: Isaac Todd ‘St. David’s Lighthouse’
  • Honourable Mention: Johnny Thomason ‘Johnny Barnes’
  • Honourable Mention: Laurisa Souza ‘St. George’s’

All entries to the competition can be viewed online

November 23, 2023 News