Bernews: Ascot Staff Volunteer at Globe Museum

Bernews: Ascot Staff Volunteer at Globe Museum

Some 30 employees of Ascot Bermuda Limited took part in volunteering to provide a “corporate lift” to the Globe Museum.

A spokesperson said, “Ascot Bermuda Limited came out in force for Bermuda National Trust’s latest corporate volunteering day, just in time to help prepare for the Christmas Walkabout happening in the World Heritage Site on Friday, December 2.

“Some 30 staff stepped away from their desks at this especially busy time of year to give another corporate lift to the Globe Museum, which is part of the Outstanding Universal Value of the UNESCO Site. The Ascot team worked across Globe’s four floors and gardens, cleaning exhibit cases, preparing the cellar space for new heritage and tourism uses, and weeding and planting in the garden.”

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November 22, 2022 News