Bernews: Chubb Helps Care for Historic Cemeteries

Bernews: Chubb Helps Care for Historic Cemeteries

“After several years of decline, Bermuda’s historic cemeteries are once again being properly cared for thanks to financial support from Chubb,” the BNT said today.

“The Bermuda National Trust was delighted and relieved to receive a grant from Chubb in 2022 and 2023 to help us care for these special places,” said Karen Border, Executive Director of BNT.

“For decades, the Trust has leased the island’s historic cemeteries from the Bermuda Government and managed their care, relieving Public Works of the responsibility.

“We used to receive an annual grant from Government to maintain the hardscaping such as perimeter walls and headstones, while the Department of Parks continued to carry out horticultural maintenance. However, in 2013 the Government grant ceased and since 2019 the short-handed Parks Department had virtually ceased landscaping at the East End cemeteries.”

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November 10, 2023 News