Bernews: Eve’s Pond Reserve Opens To Public

Bernews: Eve’s Pond Reserve Opens To Public

Buy Back Bermuda said they are “thrilled to be opening the Eve’s Pond Nature Reserve in Hamilton Parish to the public today” after the “3.4-acre property was purchased with public donations to Buy Back Bermuda in 2008 and work to restore it as a nature reserve began in 2019.”

A spokesperson said, “Buy Back Bermuda is a joint initiative of the Bermuda Audubon Society and the Bermuda National Trust working together to conserve the island’s precious remaining open space, and wildlife for the benefit of present and future generations.

“The Somerset Long Bay East Nature Reserve – the first of Buy Back Bermuda’s nature reserves, opened on Earth Day 2007. The Vesey Nature Reserve in Southampton was opened on Earth Day 2013.

“Eve’s Pond, which adjoins the Railway Trail in Hamilton Parish, west of Shelly Bay, includes a rocky coastline with tidal pools, an inland valley with a brackish pond, and a wooded hillside.

“The original tidal pond from which the site got its name, was in-filled with dredgings from Flatts Inlet in 1939 and over the following decades became heavily wooded with casuarina trees. These have been removed and the pond re-excavated, leaving a small islet for nesting birds.

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April 22, 2022 News