Bernews: National Trust To ‘Reinterpret’ Heritage Sites

Bernews: National Trust To ‘Reinterpret’ Heritage Sites

22 February, 2022

The Bermuda National Trust said they are “embarking on a long-term effort to reinterpret the heritage sites and collections under its care related to the enslavement, resistance and empowerment of Black Bermudians, other people of African descent and the local and global majority.”

“Telling more of Bermuda’s story and involving more of Bermuda in that process is critical to fulfilling the Trust’s heritage mission,” said Dr. Charlotte Andrews, BNT Head of Cultural Heritage.

BNT is participating in Re-imagining International Sites of Enslavement [RISE], a year-long programme jointly hosted by the International National Trusts Organisation [INTO] and the American National Trust for Historic Preservation. According to INTO, RISE is a ‘knowledge-sharing programme that brings together managers of sites around the Atlantic with a connection to the slave trade.’

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