Bernews: New Southampton Architectural Heritage Book

Bernews: New Southampton Architectural Heritage Book

The Bermuda National Trust is launching ‘Southampton,’ the tenth and last in its Bermuda’s Architectural Heritage series.

A spokesperson said, “The series, begun in 1995, covers every parish and the City of Hamilton. It highlights the architecture of the most interesting buildings on the island and the people who built, lived and worked in them. In its entirety, it is a fascinating record of Bermuda’s architectural heritage that records the continuous historical process of modification and transformation of Bermuda’s landscape from the time of settlement.

“The entire series has been sponsored by Bacardi, which will host the launch of the Southampton book at its Bar under the Stars on Friday, 25 November.

“Southampton was written by Dr Edward Harris and edited/co-written by Alistair Border. Its production was managed from research to publication by Linda Abend and Margaret Lloyd. The modern photographs were taken by Robin Judah and Katie Berry but there are also many plans and historic illustrations.

“The book includes information about the history and architecture of Southampton’s most interesting houses, including some, such as those on the former Naval Operating Base, which sadly have disappeared. It also covers a wide range of other topics such as farming, fish ponds and whaling. The cover features a painting of Waterlot Inn and the Lighthouse by W F Snow.

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November 22, 2022 News