Bernews: Somerset Re Volunteers at Tucker House

Bernews: Somerset Re Volunteers at Tucker House

A team from Somerset Re decided to support St. George’s by taking on Tucker House for their semi-annual Corporate Social Responsibility day.

A spokesperson said, “The team of twenty gave back to Bermuda and our World Heritage Site by lending helping hands to the museum and African Diaspora Heritage Trail site in the heart of St. George’s.”

BNT’s Dr. Charlotte Andrews and Nicky Gurret oversaw the day and were amazed by everything the Somerset Re team achieved over just a few hours.

Head of Cultural Heritage Dr. Andrews said, “It’s always a magic moment to witness the power of volunteer teamwork. Somerset Re helped us achieve more in one afternoon that we can accomplish in many months with our small Trust team. Tucker House is now really shining and ready to share its many stories for the busy summer season in our World Heritage Site thanks to Somerset Re. We also thank Somerset Re for their generous donation to support our corporate volunteering management and daily heritage work.”

Somerset Re’s Hannah Snelling who was part of the Tucker House team said, “We truly enjoyed our giving back to the community with the Bermuda National Trust. We encountered such rich cultural heritage throughout the museum during our different tasks. Helping out behind the scenes with the museum was something special. I was proud to share the heritage of St. George’s, where our island all started, with colleagues from Bermuda and overseas. The Trust teambrought Tucker House and wider World Heritage Site to life for all of us with their knowledge and enthusiasm.”

The spokesperson said, “Plan a visit to Tucker House Museum and the wider Bermuda World Heritage Site this summer by checking for our online museums hours. And if you are a corporate group interested in volunteering in BNT’s museums and cultural heritage sites, please contact Dr. Charlotte Andrews on or 236-6483 x225.”

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June 26, 2023 News