Built Heritage: Walsingham Cottage

Built Heritage: Walsingham Cottage

BUILT HERITAGE: January 2022 By Linda Abend and Margie Lloyd, Bermuda National Trust

This post is part of a series of architectural articles by the Bermuda National Trust that highlight some of Bermuda’s endangered historic buildings. 

Walsingham Cottage is located in Blue Hole Park. Until it was purchased by the Bermuda Government in 1992, the cottage was part of the Walsingham property which included a main house now known as Tom Moore’s Tavern. According to the late historian, Dr Henry Wilkinson, Walsingham was “scenically the most beautiful estate in the colony”.

The small farmer’s cottage is believed to date back to the early 1800s when the 48-acre Walsingham estate was owned by Perient Trott whose ancestor, also named Perient, was one of the original shareholders in the Somers Island Company and the largest landowner in Bermuda at the time of Richard Norwood’s 1662/3 survey.

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January 13, 2022 News