Help us choose Waterville’s new colour!

Help us choose Waterville’s new colour!

Bermuda National Trust headquarters “Waterville”, at the Foot of the Lane, is due for painting and we would like your help to choose the colour.

In 2018, a team of experts analysed the very old paint layers on some of the Trust’s historic buildings. From this research, we were able to create a palette of historic colours, which were based on organic materials available in the past to create different pigments. We want to choose from that palette to repaint Waterville in an authentic heritage colour.

We’ve narrowed it down to two colours similar to those known to have been used on Waterville in the past, one more bold than the other.  To help us choose, visit this link to see the choices and vote for your favourite.  Sample patches have also been painted on the north side of Waterville. Should you wish to see what they look like on the building, you are most welcome to come and visit before placing your vote. All votes must be in by 5pm Wednesday 18 May.

We are also looking for names for these colours, so please send us your suggestions for those too!


May 11, 2022 News