Royal Gazette: SkillCraft Social-Media Internship program concludes

Royal Gazette: SkillCraft Social-Media Internship program concludes

Over a six-week period, 15 interns were paired with 15 Bermudian organisations and assisted with social-media content planning and creation.

The internships started with an introduction to marketing, promotion and social media.

Interns were also taught to create compelling content and a social-media strategy specific to their host organisation.

The interns and the organisations with which they were paired were: A’mel Spence at AboutFaceAesthetics, Amber Gibbons at Harmony Birth Services, Caelen Robinson at Bermuda Society of Arts, Daytona Simons at Blue Water Divers Bermuda, Dante Sousa at Arches Podiatry, Denaisia Bean at Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, Gabriele Young at The Mirrors Programme, Razi Garland at Ad Astra, Kaylani Simmons at Citizens Uprooting Racism Bermuda, Kaetlyn Thompson at Bermuda National Trust, Margarida Simas at Nadz Beauty, Kemauri Darrell at Bermuda Gymnastics Association, Rhylee Edwards at Healthcare Solutions, Zaria Hill at Inspired, and Zemira Simons at Dayrosia.

At the end of the programme, the interns presented their work to mentors from host organisations.

Guest representatives from Centennial Bermuda Foundation, CedarBridge Academy, The Berkeley Institute, Ignite Bermuda, Digicel and The Clarity Institute attended the presentations.

Centennial Bermuda Foundation’s Economic Participation Committee supported the SkillCraft Youth Internship Programme with a $107,000 grant.

Programme director Margot Shane congratulated the interns on the significant growth in their knowledge about social media and their confidence in creating relevant, engaging content for their hosts.

Intern Daetona Simmons was grateful for the experience and believed it taught them fun ways to be involved in business.

Feven Binega Northcott, of Harmony Birth Services, commented that the SkillCraft programme is helpful for small businesses to engage with young people and raisesthe power of social media marketing.

Recruitment for next year’s internship programme will begin in January 2024.

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August 16, 2023 News