Royal Gazette: Ascot step up for corporate lift to globe museum

Royal Gazette: Ascot step up for corporate lift to globe museum

About 30 Ascot Bermuda Limited staff stepped away from their desks to give another corporate lift to the Globe Museum, which is part of the Outstanding Universal Value of the Unesco Site.

It was in support of the Bermuda National Trust’s latest corporate volunteering day, just in time to help prepare for the Christmas Walkabout happening in the World Heritage Site on Friday, December 2, 2022.

The Ascot team worked across Globe’s four floors and gardens, cleaning exhibit cases, preparing the cellar space for new heritage and tourism uses, and weeding and planting in the garden.

Trust Head of Cultural Heritage Dr Charlotte Andrews, who led the team building day, said: “The Ascot team gave us another round of corporate muscle to continue our overhaul of the Globe Museum for visitors to the World Heritage Site and contributed ideas to help us reimagine this important space located right at King’s Square.

“With our volunteer days designed to connect the corporate team more deeply with one another, and with Bermuda’s heritage, we hope the Ascot team got great value out of their day, which they generously supported with a corporate donation.”

Ian Thompson, CEO of Ascot Bermuda Limited, who was at Globe with his team for the day, said: “I was delighted to learn that Ascot was the largest corporate group hosted by the Bermuda National Trust at their museums.

“This strong showing by the Ascot team illustrates our ardent willingness to get involved with community initiatives. I am also grateful to the BNT for their hospitality – it was a very enjoyable day, and we were honoured to play our part in preserving Bermuda’s rich heritage.”

Brittany DeMelo, who coordinated the BNT volunteer day for Ascot with fellow committee members, added: “The Bermuda National Trust plays an important role in preserving Bermuda’s heritage. Dr Andrews delivered an enlightening talk about the World Heritage Site and its value to Bermuda and all of humanity.

“Every Christmas, I attend the Christmas Walkabout in St George’s, and it will be even more special this year knowing our Ascot team has played a part in supporting our World Heritage Site.”

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November 21, 2022 News