Royal Gazette: New images scale of Fairmont Southampton Plans

Royal Gazette: New images scale of Fairmont Southampton Plans

Six-storey residential units will dominate the skyline at the Fairmont Southampton hotel, according to artist’s impressions of the proposed development released for the first time yesterday.

Images contained in a special development order application show the iconic building being surrounded by a swath of units, which take up much of the resort’s open space.

The resort’s golf course will also be affected by the development, with ten of its 40 acres being concreted over, according to plans.

Developers have admitted that the addition of 261 units to the resort will have a “major” visual impact on the property and surrounding environment, but insisted that this would be “offset” by economic benefits.

Westend Properties, an affiliate of the Miami-based investment firm Gencom, plans to build the units — in addition to upgrading the hotel building — over the next 20 years.

But the document also revealed that a completion date for phase one of the development had been put back to the end of next year. David Burt, the Premier, has said that he expected the resort to be open for next year’s tourism season.

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April 13, 2023 News