Royal Gazette: PWC Bermuda to sponsor Eve’s Pond for five years

Royal Gazette: PWC Bermuda to sponsor Eve’s Pond for five years

PwC Bermuda will sponsor a nature reserve in Hamilton Parish for the next five years.

The $73,000 sponsorship will benefit Eve’s Pond on North Shore Road.

The 3.4-acre reserve, which opened to the public in April 2022, belongs to the Bermuda Audubon Society and the Bermuda National Trust, as part of the Buy Back Bermuda initiative.

Established in 2004, this campaign aims to purchase and conserve some of the island’s natural open spaces.

Keir Savage, partner at PwC Bermuda, said the sponsorship reflects the company’s “commitment to making a positive impact on the environment and our dedication to the preservation and sustainability of our natural surroundings”.

Mr Savage added: “By adopting Eve’s Pond, we aim to contribute to the beautification, conservation and enhancement of this vital community space.

“As part of our five-year sponsorship, our people will engage in regular clean-ups, maintenance events and planting initiatives with Buy Back Bermuda.”

Karen Border, the executive director of the Bermuda National Trust, said: “Many people are not aware how much maintenance nature reserves require to remain safe and accessible to the public, and to ensure that our native and endemic species hold their own against aggressive invasive species.”

She added that PwC’s commitment allows the trust to continue its Conservation Management Plan for the nature reserve and improve it, both for wildlife and the community.

Janice Hetzel, the president of the Bermuda Audubon Society, said sponsoring nature reserves helps Buy Back Bermuda to fulfil its mission.

She added: “We are deeply grateful to PwC for their commitment to this essential work with their adoption of Eve’s Pond.”

A tidal pond in the reserve park that was filled in with dredging from Flatts Inlet in the 1940s was restored in 2020 and now includes a nesting island for waterfowl.

Eve’s Pond also features a wooded hillside, rocky coastline with tidal pools and signs describing the site’s history, birds likely to be seen, and native and endemic flora.

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December 13, 2023 News