Royal Gazette: Walkabout Kicks off the Holiday Season in St George

Royal Gazette: Walkabout Kicks off the Holiday Season in St George

The Olde Towne was bustling with activity last night as the annual National Trust Walkabout drew thousands to the East End.

Businesses and historical homes throughout the Town of St George welcomed visitors while a variety of entertainers took to the stage in King’s Square.

Rena Lalgie, the Governor, told the crowds that the event was uniquely Bermudian.

“Only in Bermuda could you have something where people are genuinely opening up their houses to absolute strangers to wander through late in the evening,” she said.

“It’s a really great opportunity also for us to pause and reflect on just the amount of history that not just exists in Bermuda, but has also been preserved.”

Nicky Gurret, who welcomed guests to the BNT’s Tucker House Museum, noted that while Christmas lights lined the town’s streets for the event, the museum was lit by candlelight as it was hundreds of years ago.

“We have had a super, fantastic turnout,” she said. “Even more than last year, but there is always so many people. Tonight is fantastic.

“This is one of the biggest events of the year for us. We showcase all the trust buildings in St George’s, and even the homes that we rent out are open to people.”

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December 3, 2023 News