Built Heritage: Dubloon Hill Farm, formerly Brown’s Farm

Built Heritage: Dubloon Hill Farm, formerly Brown’s Farm

BUILT HERITAGE: September 2021 By Linda Abend and Margie Lloyd, Bermuda National Trust

This post is part of a series of architectural articles by the Bermuda National Trust that highlight some of Bermuda’s endangered historic buildings. 

Dubloon Cottage, as it’s now called, with roughly 12 acres was purchased by the Bermuda Government from the James estate around 1993 to enlarge what is today Hog Bay Park. The creation of the 32.23 acre park began in 1986 with the acquisition of the Freeland and Mayor estates. The three properties cost $7.925 million. The park consists of agricultural fields, woodlands, an ancient lime kiln and several abandoned cottages. The steep coastal hillside slopes down to the shoreline of Brown’s Bay.

The first recorded landowner was Sir John Heydon of the Sommer Islands Company with 140 acres in 1663. By 1789, Colonel Henry Tucker owned 75 acres which included his residence called The Hermitage located nearby. In 1852 the property was purchased by William Richard Outerbridge whose daughter Eliza had married Captain Richard Anderson of the 56th Regiment of Foot. The Andersons sold 25 acres to farmer James Brown in 1871. It is believed he built the house shortly thereafter.

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