Built Heritage: Temperance Hall

Built Heritage: Temperance Hall

BUILT HERITAGE |Temperance Hall, 93 North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish | OCTOBER 2022

By Linda Abend and Margie Lloyd, Bermuda National Trust

This is part of a series of architectural articles by the Bermuda National Trust that will highlight some of Bermuda’s endangered historic buildings.

The Hamilton Parish Friendly Temperance Society was founded in 1846 and its first meetings were held in a building opposite Burchall’s Cove. On August 13, 1850 the corner stone was laid for a new building which was to be erected a little further north and across from Davis’ Pond. The land was conveyed by the Hon John William Foggo for the token sum of one shilling. Members of the Atlantic Phoenix Lodge No. 271 joined in the ceremony. The Society’s trustees were six dedicated Hamilton Parish men: Benjamin Hill Sr, George Burgess, Daniel Bascome, Thomas Smith, Richard Augustus Burrows and Benjamin Hill Jr.

In May 1851 the building had reached to the wallplate when the Society’s funds ran low and it was necessary to appeal to the community. Among those who came forward was Governor Charles Elliot with the very generous donation of £20.

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