Built Heritage: Teucer House

Built Heritage: Teucer House


By Linda Abend and Margie Lloyd, Bermuda National Trust

This is part of a series of architectural articles by the Bermuda National Trust that will highlight some of Bermuda’s endangered historic buildings.

Teucer House is located on the northwest portion of the eight-acre Dellwood property. Owned by Captain William Smith and his sister Mary this estate was not included in the lands purchased for the new town of Hamilton that was incorporated in 1793. It remains today outside the City of Hamilton boundary. The old house Dellwood is now part of the school campus.

Teucer House was built around 1903 by Cecil Hamilton Tucker whose parents and sisters lived at Dellwood. In the early 20th century Cedar Avenue was one of the prettiest streets in Bermuda and therefore a prestigious address. With its grand proportions, spacious verandahs, five bedrooms, two bathrooms, two large reception rooms and a library, Teucer House was an impressive residence.

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June 9, 2023 News